Back from Mexico!

Beach at SunsetThe Pechel/Ackerman wedding was fantastic… it turned out to be a beautiful day… and thankfully the perfect day as it rained the day after the wedding.  But on the day of their wedding June 7th there was nothing but blue skys & beautiful water.  The day ended with a reception that everyone danced at…. I think at one point or another everyone hit the floor.  And, as always the tequilla drinks that the Mexican wait staff looks forward to at every wedding in Mexico!

Congratulations you two…. and see you at the reception in Denver on the 20th!

Erickson Kuenne Engagement

We are looking forward to photographing Brittany & Paul’s wedding coming up in July.  But, this morning I had them get up nice and early for a Sunday morning stroll around a few spots in Denver for some engagement photos.  Chalk this one up to the couple that will have the most fun together… they weren’t afraid to do a little climbing around to get some great engagement photos!  They tell me they met at Starbucks too… so what do you know we were down on Market Street and found a nice cup of “Jo” painted on the side of a building there – how fitting.   I’m looking forward to their wedding day! 🙂