Jorge and Heidi in Mexico

rehearsal5What a start to the wedding.  Jorge and Heidi’s wedding events at Azul Sensatori Resort are starting out with a… BANG, including a Burro(donkey) at their rehearsal celebration.  Together for about 6 years now, this is a very special event for the beautiful couple – that includes their families and close friends.  Heidi has nailed the details too… with the beautiful green accent color for her wedding she has personalized all the details with her wedding coordinator Karyn Gueck.   With a smile on couples’ faces at all times – you can see how excited they are for their wedding day!  Wedding images will be on the way too… but couldn’t resist posting some of the rehearsal images.  If the day before the wedding was this much fun, how can we not be excited to be a part of the wedding day tomorrow.


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