Lyssa(Melissa) & Ryan’s Engagement

Some couples skip the engagement session… but I really love the engagement sessions and getting a chance to photograph the Bride & Groom to be – before the wedding day.  It not only gives me a chance to get to know the couple better, but it also gets me so excited to photograph the wedding day.  Lyssa & Ryan were so much fun to photograph this past weekend… and I can not wait until their wedding day this November.  We are already planning one more photo shoot before the wedding… so will be posting more images soon.    Some couples just look like they “fit” and when you see the smile on Ryan’s face and the way Lyssa looks at him, you can’t help but have a smile on your own face.Elstad1Elstad2Elstad3Elstad4

Baby boy

Bohon4Bohon1About a month ago the Bohon’s welcomed Micah to their family… and what a beautiful boy!  He was wide awake when I arrived and talk about wiggles this little man had.  Hardly a moment still for photos – but doesn’t matter.. we got some of those big eyes and then with a little patience he fell to sleep for us in the last 10 minutes so we could get some sleeping shots too.   This little guy was already lifting his head… and not just for a few seconds – you could swear he was going to take off crawling at any moment.  Very precious, very beautiful, and Micah will be very well loved – wonderful parents!Bohon3


Sunny Sunday morning.

Super excited that we had such a wonderful  session this past weekend.  We beat the heat of the day and got some great images of one of my favorite families on Sunday morning.  I have been lucky enough to photograph Katie & Ryan’s wedding, maternity, newborn… and as you can see their daughter is getting bigger all the time over the past few years.  2 years old and as beautiful as can be with those natural kachelries2curls in her hair!kachelries3  Full of energy and curious… but look out – Malory is so quick on her feet and wanted to be chased!  We caught her between sprints to get some great images and had such a fkachelries1un time with everyone. 🙂

Nikki & Jesse

Arnold2Colorado had been great to me this year for weddings…. always giving us some sun, and Friday – July 10th was no exception.  Their families where all there for their vows… and a few photos at a park near by to start.  Arnold1Arnold3Arnold4 Nikki looked stunning and worked so hard getting everything planned – and it was well worth it. Their daughter was as beautiful by their side.  Congratulations to both of you!

Stamps Moore Wedding

stamps4July 9th wedding at Evergreen Lakehouse and we had a perfect evening for the event.  Family & friends were wonderful, and it was so nice that they rented a house up in Evergreen so that everyone had space to get ready together.  I have to say Lauren’s bridesmaids were the best… very attentive to her and made sure she was well taken care of.stamps1  Evergreen Lake house is such a nice venue for a wedding too… everyone always feel at home there, with the boardwalk to wander around on and the grounds have never been more beautiful with everything so green this year.  stamps2stamps3The weather was so nice out with a little bit of cloud cover the ceremony was beautiful.  I love weddings where everyone seems so happy and relaxed!stamps5  As far as the photo with the wedding party jumping… at the request of someone in the wedding party, I can’t say I was a little leary… as two of the bridesmaids were pregnant – obviously that didn’t stop them as they all were airborne.

Erin & David’s Wedding

At the Red Lion Restaurant in Boulder, Colorado this afternoon.  And, as usual – a thunderstorm crept in just as the ceremony was suppost to start.  The best thing about Colorado… is we waited about 20 minutes and the pouring rain stopped and gave us some sun – and the wedding went as planned by the river.  Outstanding.  I was so happy to photograph their wedding today, as I had photographed the groom’s sister’s wedding some years back so it was nice to see their family again.Wheeler1wheeler2wheeler3wheeler4wheeler5  Everyone had such a great day and I’m super excited that we got some great images – dispite the delay.

Holding back the giggles

clement1So, if you photograph children or… well… if you even have multiple children – you know that a portrait session with multiple children involved can be a bit of a challenge.  It can be quite a game getting everyone in the right position and looking the right direction.  Honestly, it can be a challenge just getting any child just to come within range of the frame.  Don’t get me wrong… that is a large part of why I love photographing toddlers.  They make it new, fun, different every session I have – it is impossible to get bored!  The family photo was all in position… minus Finn, as he has the super energy that every 2 year old boy typically does and didn’t want near anyone.  So we plopped him down with his blanket and nuk (binky, bubble… whatever you choose to call it), and luckily we had grandma’s quick hands close by – with a little giggle from Finn and everyone else in the family each time.  Pulling the nuk & blanket between every shot so that we could get him to stay in place.  You have to laugh… he is one of the cutest kids I’ve met and a personality to match.  Ewan hung in there and was the “big brother” and we couldn’t have done it without his great cooperation too.  I want to set a big congratulations to the Clements on there newest addition to clement3the family Duncan!!!!clement2

Wildflowers & Stones

pilling1What could be better than a beautifully sunny morning at Chautauqua Park in Boulder.  The wildflowers are wonderful still up there this summer… and I was so excited because they usually don’t hang around this long into the summer.  But, Reed wasn’t interested in the wildflowers at all – he is on the move and wants to discover,  and was finally happy when he could get his feet wet and play with a rock – the typical boy.  And although he may act like the typical boy… he is beautiful – and when you look at those big eyes it would cause anyone to say WOW.  His sisters Sophia & Anna are also a couple of the most pleasant girls to be around, with their big eyes and sweet smiles.  The best end to the session was watching Anna chase a butterfly around the park.  Nothing dull about this morning… the ladybugs and grasshoppers were out in full force giving any child plenty to discover.Pilling4pilling3pilling2