Lyssa(Melissa) & Ryan’s Engagement

Some couples skip the engagement session… but I really love the engagement sessions and getting a chance to photograph the Bride & Groom to be – before the wedding day.  It not only gives me a chance to get to know the couple better, but it also gets me so excited to photograph the wedding day.  Lyssa & Ryan were so much fun to photograph this past weekend… and I can not wait until their wedding day this November.  We are already planning one more photo shoot before the wedding… so will be posting more images soon.    Some couples just look like they “fit” and when you see the smile on Ryan’s face and the way Lyssa looks at him, you can’t help but have a smile on your own face.Elstad1Elstad2Elstad3Elstad4

One thought on “Lyssa(Melissa) & Ryan’s Engagement

  1. Loved the pics! They are both so cute, and I agree..they just seem to fit together and it can’t help but bring a smile to your face. I can hardly wait to see more of them!! (from Ryan’s mom)


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