Becky & Jensen’s Wedding

IMG_4203This wedding day was set in a beautiful location… The Lodge & Spa at Cordillera in Edwards, Colorado is one of the best locations for a wedding around.  We had nothing short of perfect weather for the wedding day on August 29th.  This wedding proves once more that when you just enjoy the day and stay laid back on your wedding day, everything turns out great and everyone enjoys themselves.  A little late start to the wedding with the speakers not functioning…. they got a new one delivered and then the wedding was beautiful. IMG_3788IMG_3944IMG_4011


09_08_27_Huisken__0039This girl is so beautiful… and she is raring to go with her fairly recent walking skills – there was no stopping her for more than a second.  While we caught a few smiling faces along the way –  I was more in love with the constant look of curiosity in little Avery’s eyes.  She was continually looking around to discover new places to “escape” to – and mom was right there at her heals.  I have to identify with her – as my youngest son is nearly the exact same age and just constantly on the move.  I’m super excited to have her as a client… and can’t wait for another session with her – children like Avery give me lots of ideas for portraits.09_08_27_Huisken__0058

The Rowland ladies

I’ve been photographing the Rowlands for a few years now… and it is so great seeing the kids grow.  Skylar has changed so much and I couldn’t believe how big Taylor had grown over the past year too.  Such beautiful girls and talk about stunning eyes on all of them.  I love doing the mother & daugher images too!!!! Denver is such a great place to photograph in… unlimited places right in and near downtown Denver and you wouldn’t even know you are in the the heart of the city right next to a major highway.Rowland2Rowland3Rowland4Rowland1

Weeter Opperman Wedding

IMG_1894IMG_2360Another sunny Colorado day for Brittany & Josh’s wedding.  Starting with the ceremony at First Presbyterian Church of Littleton and then moving onto a wonderful reception at Southern Gables.  This wedding was great, and talk about nailing all the details – they had Michelle orchestrating the event from Live Laugh and Love LLC to make sure it went just as planned.  Catering by Design had dinner set into separate stations all around the reception area which made it wonderful for guests to wander the entire area to see all of the options for custom made dinner items. Masterpiece did the cake… and it was formal and beautiful – as well as tasted great from what I heard (must have been true… it was a huge cake and not a piece left at the end of the night).  With the flowers by Chuck Swan everything looked beautiful.IMG_2691IMG_2653IMG_2773IMG_2425

Anyway… great job on a very beautiful wedding and a happy future for the bride and groom with a great group of family & friends!

Baby Miyanah


A trip down to Colorado Springs this morning meeting a new client and spending some time photographing Miyanah and her her family… and how much fun are the newborns.  I can’t say enough how much I love photographing the little babies and their families.   Mom had images in mind and some props around to help out and we had a great session.  It didn’t matter when she was awake or sleeping – this little princess was cooperating with me to get some great images and I’m looking forward to getting the rest up very soon.  I couldn’t help but get back to my office and start working on this image.  I can’t wait for my next session with this family – they are wonderful!gonz