Fall family portraits

IMG_5606The holidays are coming up very soon and it is such a personal gift to give family or children’s portraits.  Published style books, prints, or cards are a great way to celebrate the year and how much your children and families have grown.  I would love to photograph you and your families –   November we have some great specials on portrait sessions going – so call or e-mail me today to set up your session time/date… times are filling up quickly.

CALL US AT 720-566-9770 or e-mail me at info@fototails.com for available dates and times!


Courtney’s Senior Portrait Session

Courtney6You know that you have been a photographer for a long time when the full cycle starts coming around more and more each year.  From babies, to seniors, to weddings and back to babies again.  I’ve been photographing Courtney since she was about 8 years old I think – and now it is already senior portrait time, and I’m sure anyone would agree she is a knock out.  We just went through round one of her senior session and we have the 2nd round coming up this coming weekend.  It is so exciting to me, having the opportunity to photograph people over many years and see them change and grow – I don’t even know how to start with how much pride and joy I get from being a “family” photographer to so many people.Courtney5Courtney1 In 1991 I was very focused on senior portrait photography and was photographing between 500-600 seniors a year for about 5-6 years when I then moved to Colorado.  Now I do limited senior boutique sessions each year that include 1 or 2 extensive sessions for each senior and I don’t duplicate a location for any senior in a 12 month period, so that they get a really unique session.  In Courtney’s case… the green background you see is a little bog covered in – well – green stuff that is yet to be determined, but what a great background.


Family Portraits on Wisconsin Point

IMG_4633Growing up next to Lake Superior, the weather is almost always unexpected – and I was actually happy that during this session we had a full fog over the shore.  It has been many years since I had been down to Wisconsin Point and the last time I had gone to visit they had the road to the light house under construction so we didn’t get a chance to go down to the point.  I was a little dissappointed when I arrived, as when I walked out onto the beach I couldn’t even see the lighthouse the fog was so thick… on the other hand, there was no bright sun to contend with either so it left me with mixed feelings.  I was there to photograph Sandy’s family, a friend I had went to school with in Superior – she is married and has 4 beautiful children, and I think it has been nearly 18-20 years since I had last seen her… she is still the same, always a big smile that makes you instantly smile back.  Her family is no exception – everyone was up for some fun… even in the cold water with they jeans and shoes on for her youngest son.  It was a super fun session and thanks to Facebook we have been able to keep in touch just as of recently.IMG_4771IMG_4816IMG_4847IMG_4748