Bridal sessions

July Sunset. Photographer: Jeanine Thurston

They come and go…  when I first started out in professional photography 21+ years ago – bridal sessions were just something every bride did.  A little different then, as most bridal sessions were done in the studio before the actual wedding.  Well, they are becoming a standard again – with a little different flare calling them “love the dress” or “trash the dress” sessions – and they are much more fun than ever before.  You spend so much time and money picking out the perfect dress – I can’t help but encourage my brides to put those beautiful gowns on one more time for a fashion shoot.  Best part is… leaving it dirty after the wedding and then taking your bridal session to some where fun downtown… or finding a beautiful location to do all those amazing shots you really wanted to do the wedding day… but weren’t willing to get the dress dirty!

"Love the dress" Photographer: Jeanine Thurston

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