My kiddos

My boys

Everyone has been asking for updates and I know it is about time.  Eric and Jace are doing awesome – although I’m not quite sure if they are friend or foe of each other from one minute to the next.   We always feel in the state of da je vue as with them only being a year apart from each other… just as we complete one stage with Eric we start that same stage with Jace.

Eric is in pre-school now part time and absolutely loves going to school, loves his teacher “Ms. Lisa” and all his new friends.  He is super smart, which also means he needs to be kept very busy or gets a little crazy!lol.  He loves puzzles and just about anything that keeps his little feet moving indoors and out.

Jace is Eric’s shadow.  He loves his brother, but also has really been enjoying when Eric goes to school and gets some independence.  He always has a smile and hug for everyone, and I love that he tells me he loves me all the time.  He also always walks around an announces “I’m happy” about 10 times a day.  Can’t ask for any better than that.

I’ve been loving every minute of watching them change and grow, and absolutely love being able to talk with them now.  If they had their way, they would have me read books to them all day long.  And yes, my kids watch cartoons – with favorites being Calliou and Little Ms Spider – but Backyardigans takes a close 3rd.  The movie of the year was officially “How to train your Dragon” and I’m still trying to figure out how to apply it to “How to train your Children” with little luck on the conversion.

Holidays have taken on a completely new meaning at our house.  Mance and I have unfortunately been a tad on the scrooge side with little or no decorating for any holidays.  But we busted out with the fun this year starting for Halloween and carved 7 pumpkins, put up a huge spider and web on our porch, and costumes are Spiderman for Eric and a Pirate for Jace.  We hit up a halloween party at Eric’s school and they are having so much fun.  It is nice to feed off their energy, and now I’m even looking forward to Thanksgiving and decorating for Christmas with a big tree this year.

As always I’m busy working on the photography  business and photography projects.  2010 has been an amazingly creative year for me.  I’m working with Yvette of  MUY BUENO COOKBOOK and it has been very exciting seeing it come together and the amazing presence it has been receiving in anticipation of the publication.  I’ve had the opportunity to photograph for some amazing restaurants in Denver and Breckenridge, had a few fashion photo shoots this year, and of course all of my maternity, newborn and wedding photography too.  A long time client of mine Wendy has joined Fototails Photography and I’m so happy to have some help with clients in session planning, and some projects for the business.

Overall, lots to be excited about for 2011!!!! 🙂



Día de los Muertos

I had such a great time photographing with an amazing group ladies on my team!  In celebration of Día de los Muertos we had a photo shoot that was absolutely amazing!   You can get more information about the differences between Halloween vs Día de los Muertos by going to Muy Bueno BLOG along with some amazing recipes to help celebrate the holiday… like yummy Persimmons Margaritas and Pumpkin Empanadas!  It is nice to give everyone a little look into other cultures and traditions.  I was  lucky to be able to show this through the eyes of Yvette in memory of her grandmother.  It really is a beautiful and meaningful holiday. View a video of all of the images from this celebratory photo shoot on You Tube: Dia de los Muertos

A huge thank you to everyone that came together to make this shoot happen on very short notice:

Brandy Rich of

Julia Kaaren of

Yvette Sharpnack of

And of course our beautiful model: Rachel Vigil

Loving my families this fall.


Some fun with my families


I have been having so much fun photographing families and babies the past few weeks.  I am so grateful to have so many of my families come back for portraits every year – it is what I look forward to the most is seeing families grow.  I received the most wonderful compliments this week from two of my clients that I’ve been photographing for a few years – and I’m so thankful.

Every year in Colorado we wait to see when the leaves are turning… and this year has been so much later than usual.  2009 we had brilliant colors for a few sessions I did on Sept 26th, and this year they are just starting to turn in the same locations.  The good thing is that gives us a few more weeks for any families that still want to get portraits done with the Colorado colors.  Message me on Facebook, e-mail me at, or call me at 720-566-9770 if you still want to get a session in… times are filling in fast – but I would love to photograph for you!!!


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Voted one of the top 5 photographers in Denver 2010

Photography by Jeanine Thurston

This is simply a very huge THANK YOU to all of my clients, family & fans that helped vote me into the top of the list making me one of the top 5 photographers in Denver 2010.  I’ve been in the beautiful studio nearly a year and surrounded by inspiration – it has truly been a monumental year for photography in my life.  It is very humbling that so many of you have sent me messages and encouraged me with your kind words all year, as being in the business for over 21 years now – it is really nice to know that there is still room for growth and new friends along the way.  I can’t wait to spend 2011 photographing for you and your loved ones from the beautiful brides to your growing families, and businesses.  We have some huge projects in the works coming up from the MUY BUENO cookbook that Yvette is working on, a wedding in Mexico again… and a list of beautiful ladies that are due very soon with their newborn babies in the coming months, and a few modeling projects planned too.  I am very proud to photograph for all of you.