Wall portrait displays in your home

I know sometimes it can be very difficult planning your portraits for your walls.  Now, you can see what framed prints and clusters of prints may look like in a bedroom, nursery, dinning room, above a fire place or sofa – before you decide what sizes and shapes you want to order for your walls.  Here are just a couple of samples of how to mix it up for a nursery.  Then, next time you just can’t decide what to order for a room or wall – let us give you a sneak preview based on print sizes and shapes!

Photography of your children and family on your walls is so important.  It is a great way for them to reflect on different times in their lives and feel the importance of being a family.  My oldest child Eric always goes around the house saying “Mom, do you remember that? When you were holding me when I was a baby?”  It is a wonderful way to share memories, experiences and feelings and also gives them a feeling of security.

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