Fototails and Muy Bueno Cookbook partner with Denver Foundation

I know we have been sending out teasers to let you know about the sale of the 2011 MUY BUENO calendar – with full color photos and 12+ recipes and what is even better is we have partnered with The Denver Foundation to donate a portion of the proceeds from each calendar sale to their Strengthening Neighborhoods (SN) program.

Strengthening Neighborhoods (SN) is The Denver Foundation‘s grassroots neighborhood development program. It is a grant making program that helps residents in 10 struggling Denver neighborhoods improve their communities “from the inside out.”  The Grants help pay for resident leadership training, and community projects such as food pantries, tutoring programs, neighborhood gardens, and school safety patrols.  They have also helped with park and school cleanup, among other projects.  If you are interested in learning more about this innovative program, please visit their website at and click on Strengthening Neighborhoods.

We could not be happier to be making the MUY BUENO 2011 calendar and have it play a roll in supporting our Denver community.  In just a few more days it will be available for sale online – details to come.  We will also post other locations where you can purchase the calendar very soon!

Thank you so much for following the progress of the MUY BUENO COOK BOOK and the soon to be released 2011 MUY BUENO calendar too!  It is a great gift for family and friends, and we love that every calendar you purchase will also help our Denver communities.

THE MUY BUENO CALENDAR: 12 month calendar featuring some select recipes that will be in the MUY BUENO COOK BOOK.  There are full color photos for some amazing recipes for you to “test out” on your Mexican cooking adventures.  It highlights both American and Mexican holidays that are commonly celebrated in the US – and is an amazing display that brings Mexican and American families together.  What could be better than sharing in some cooking, maybe some drinks, and great conversation with family and friends over the holidays.  You could make a night of it – have a party over it, and well…. dabble in some authentic Mexican recipes that have been passed along for over three generations.  And then… by the time you get through some of the great starter recipes in the calendar… before you know it,  the cookbook will be ready with even more to offer from recipes to amazing stories to pour over.