Watching the twins grow

The Erickson Twins - as newborns

Peyton (top) Quinn (bottom) as newborns

One of my photography projects over the next 15 months  is photographing the Erickson twins.  Photographing them as newborns, I will be continuing to photograph them about every 8 weeks for the next year or so.  I continually tell people how fast their children will grow – and am very excited that we will be able to see this beautiful sister and brother get bigger along their way.  After our next session in a couple months I will also begin a blog page for them to write a little about the experiences of having twins too.  My fascination with twins may be due to having identical twin younger brothers, but in having two children of my own only a year apart – I’m also very curious at how children grow and change, especially during the first few years of their life.

Peyton at 3 months old

Quinn at 3 months old

Anyway – I hope you enjoy seeing this sister and brother along their way!

Quinn (3months)

Peyton (3months)

Peyton & Quinn at 3 months old

Can you believe Quinn and Peyton are already 5 months old?

They are growing… growing… and still as cute as ever!  It was so nice having them in the studio this past weekend – next session in a couple months, or when they start sitting up.  I can never believe how different children look once they are sitting up, then standing… and wow… watch out then when these two decide to crawl.

Photographer: Jeanine Thurston