Court house couture

Civic Center Park - Denver, Colorado

People may jest about going down to the court house to get married, but not many people associate couture with a court house wedding.  This fashionista made a typical court house wedding look more beautiful than most that go all out for a huge wedding.  Small it was – but with the fashion & beauty that surrounded this wedding day, it was nothing short of an amazing wedding.   This is proof that a small wedding can be grand, and with close family and friends it was perfect.  Now, of course Denver – Colorado has the benefit of having Civic Center Park across the street from the court house wedding… so why not use it for some beautiful images of this amazingly stunning couple.

Deep breath

So, next time you think you want to spend tens of thousands on the wedding… take a peek – this may change your mind.

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A moment alone. Photographer: Jeanine Thurston