Making time for my family.

This is one of the hardest balancing acts of all. The work/life balance. So many people work so hard (have to work so hard) – long hours, and are exhausted and yet still want to have time for their families. I’m the same. I have regular days that I photograph, and then always tend to add a few more days in. When I’m home, I’m still checking my e-mails and editing on my computer between cleaning the house, picking up after my kids, or making play dough snakes. A photographers life, like many other professions demands working on the weekends – which is when my husband is off work to watch the kids. I am thankful that I can and do work, and while having your own business is a freeing job, it also means long hours and late nights. So a couple months ago we planned a family week. I’m required to be unplugged for an entire week starting tomorrow. I have a feeling it will be challenging, and yet very necessary as it is the longest I’ve been unplugged in over 7 years. We will be spending some time with a couple of the grandparents and my kids are so excited.

I hope you all have a great week, and I’ll be sure to still have my camera on hand and will post some photos of our time off at Grandpa and Grandma’s house sometime soon after I return to my computer.