Blogging on pause.

Ok… I know I’ve been slacking on the blog horizon lately, but all for good reasons!  The new studio is coming along nicely and with only a few customizations to go and a final approval on an inspection we should be raring to go in another week or so.  That being said, we do have a temporary studio space we will be using in case anyone “must” get a studio session done in the next week or two.

As for the rest of the hectic life I have.  I am so proud that tonight I’m going to my oldest son’s PRE-K graduation ceremony at his pre-school.  He is a very excited that he will be starting kindergarden this fall.   Karate is going great for Eric – loving it and learning lots.  Jace has decided to take a karate break, so we will be exploring other sports that interest him real soon.

Both boys are LOVING their bikes the past week.  Eric is getting good and Jace just got a bike that fit him a few days ago and trying to figure it out a little… but I’m sure they will both be blazing around the neighborhood on walks with me by the end of the summer.

Anyway – just a quick note to keep posted on what’s new very soon.  And our Open House at the new studio is set for July 15th from noon until sunset!  Hope you can come. 🙂



So this past week has been very exciting and my mind is exhausted from all of the ups and downs and FINALLY a great end with signing for three years at our new location. The next three weeks we are at the complete mercy of getting everything signed off on at the new location and then moving from our old studio to the new location the SECOND we get the ok to move in.

This week we will be doing a walk through at some point to get a few more customizations done to our space – and hoping to start moving sometime next week.

So please, please, please I personally ask for your patience during the transition time. The end goal is to be completely up and running full steam by June 1st, 2012! Then sometime in July you can look forward to a grand-opening – open house BBQ. I’m going to be running some amazing deals in the month of JULY 2012 to make up for our three weeks of down-time right now. It is necessary for the move… but I guarantee that all my clients will be SO EXCITED when they see the new space. It is SO worth the wait!


Jeanine Thurston

The sneak peek.

So, cell phone in hand here is the sneak peek of our new studio space.   Obviously there will be quite the transformation after construction is complete… but, we are so excited to have all our clients and friends come visit when we get all moved in!

Photograph by: Jeanine Thurston

Photograph by: Carl Simpson

Photograph by: Carl Simpson

The prelude….

The word is out – we are moving out of the “NEST” – a studio space we’ve been in for the past three years.  But, don’t be sad…. we are still going to be in Denver in an even more amazing space.  I’ll post images very soon – it’s old turning new with a beautifully renewed old building in Denver and I’ll be swinging by later today to get a few “construction” photos.  I’m jumping out of my skin – as we go to sign on our new space later today! 🙂  Couldn’t be more excited.  Subscribe to our feed here to be up to date on all the progress and I can feel an opening party and some super specials as soon as we move in.