Mommy Make-overs & Hot Mommy days at the studio

We all need to take a little time for ourselves.  The yoga pants and sweat pants are staples in my closet as with many other moms.  Because we take on the world every day,   we think that we are somewhat less beautiful than we really are.

I think sometimes our mirror just doesn’t work right.  We need to be reminded about how beautiful we really are – and sometimes that takes being shown how others really see us.  That is what our mommy make-over days are all about.

It’s ok to sport the comfortable look – it is how we get through our days.  But on the off chance that you want to be reminded that others see you as you really are – beautiful inside out – a hot mommy day at the studio may be just the thing for you.  Besides – then you are all dolled up, it would call for a night out or a romantic lunch out with a special someone… or with you best friend.  Trust me – it feels good to have an all about you day to freshen up your spirits.

So let it be an excuse to go shopping… pick out something over the top amazing, from lingerie to a cute/sexy dress… anything that you would LOVE to wear but haven’t had a reason because you’ve been running kids to soccer games, wiping food off faces, or changing diapers.

If you have any questions or are interested in scheduling your mommy make-over – give us a call or e-mail (720)566-9770 or e-mail


Yes, this is Samantha – of Samantha Koch Beauty. Guru of transforming moms into beauties.