CREATIVES. Rocking the boat.

NEWBIE CREATIVES:  People new to an art and testing out what others have done to find their personal niche.  If they are true creatives this time is very short, and they only copy technical skills, technique, and practice seeing light, shape, emotion.  Although they are sponges – they are  more concerned with making their own art using what they learn.

TECHNICAL NON-CREATIVES:  Quite skilled at an art because they know how to look/see and copy very well.  They always latch onto the next best thing and spend time perfecting it – and sometimes their images and artwork is stunning.  Obsessive about seeing what everyone else is doing and thrilled when they can match it.

TRUE CREATIVES: Artists who work from their gut.  They have mastered technical skills in their craft, but continually strive to be different.  Their creations come from within themselves, and are inspired by the senses and surroundings.  Feelings, touching, textures, emotions, relationships, nature, color, smells and how everything in the world effects them.  Creatives rock the boat, not to impress others – but to push themselves.

Being any of these doesn’t make you any less talented… you are just talented in different ways.

“Everything you can imagine is real.”
― Pablo Picasso

“Creativity takes courage. ”
― Henri Matisse


At times I rock the boat, because I like hearing multiple sides to every story.  I love when people comment in defense or to change my mind in a creative way or logical way.  I thrive on people debunking my way of thinking, because I don’t believe there is only one way of seeing anything.  However, someone just saying the way it is – changes no minds, but angers anyone… and seats people in their way of thinking instead of changing the way they think.  Don’t just say what you think, explain what brings you to your thoughts… then always consider the other point of view…or choose silence.