Deviled Avocado & Egg Salad


Easter is almost here, and if you’re like me – you’re hard-boiling those eggs for the kids to decorate.  Well – I don’t actually boil any more, we bake them… so much easier.  For the next week we will be trying to consume the eggs in various forms, and I needed something light and quick for a snack or fast lunch.

1-Avocado (split in half and pitted)

2 – Hard-boiled Eggs

1 – tsp mustard of choice (I love the stone ground to give it a little texture)

1 – tbs of mayo (again – you can substitute with Miracle Whip or any Vegi variety)

Take the yolks out and lightly mash the yolks with the mustard and mayo.  Then chop the whites and lightly fold into the yolk mixture and spoon it on top of the avocado!  Easy, quick, yummy.

Variations:  Add some paprika to the top, or I love adding some chopped green onions and jalapeño into the mix too.