Plan beyond your wedding day for that dress.

As a photographer we value your wedding day and getting beautiful images of you, your families and friends.  We narrow down images that make up the best story of your personality, your relationship with your new spouse, and your interactions with your family and friends.   We also know that you have put so much time into all the details… including time picking out your wedding gown.  Don’t set aside the option to have a bridal session after your wedding!  After the wedding or after your honeymoon… before you get your dress even cleaned, it’s time to play!  How often would you ever wear your wedding dress again?  Don’t make your wedding day the last day you wear it… let’s have some fun.

Fototails_Jeanine_Thurston_20110825_2011_1014 Fototails_Jeanine_Thurston_20110825_2011_1016 Fototails_Jeanine_Thurston_20110825_2011_1027 Fototails_Jeanine_Thurston_20110825_2011_1030