King Vitale Rehearsal

IMG_1219Beautiful weather, gorgeous couple! Ceiba del Mar Resort and Spa in Puerto Morelos is an amazing Boutique style hotel and a great setting for a tropical wedding.  The wedding rehearsal went perfectly… and when I asked Dawn and Corey if they would jump in the ocean after the rehearsal… there was no hesitation.  Friends and family gathered for the welcome party on the beach and everyone had a smile on their face.  I can’t wait for their wedding day tomorrow, and I’ve had a sneak peek at her gown and it is absolutely amazing… so more to come!IMG_1234IMG_1292IMG_1321IMG_1322IMG_1413

Elstad Hubbard Wedding

Elstad411/7/2009  and last wedding in Colorado in 2009 for me, and it was held at the Historic Crags Lodge in Estes Park. The lodge is ideally located in the heart of Estes Park on the north side of Prospect Mountain and only minutes from Rocky Mountain National Park. Breathtaking mountain views surround you.  Lyssah & Ryan’s wedding was so outstanding… from the red shoes that accented her beautiful white wedding dress, to the sunset that we were given in perfect timing with the end of the ceremony.


photography by Jeanine Thurston

I have to admit, I made the mistake almost as soon as I came in the door… thought Ryan’s brother was him (identical twin brothers), so it is official – even having twin brothers of my own…  it doesn’t make a difference when they look that much alike – you just can’t tell them apart.I I wouldn’t have made it through the day if they weren’t wearing different boElstad3utiners. Elstad2Elstad5