Who would ever want a wedding here?

Seriously… your wedding day is suppose to be a fairytale.

Why in the world would you ever choose a location that would have no cover for you and your guest.  Where is it likely to be 95 degrees and sweltering heat on rocks, a torrential downpour of rain, or gusting winds. After all… you spent so much time picking a dress and fixing your hair and makeup – it seems silly to risk it all for your wedding day.

Then… you see this.

WEB_Jeanine Thurston Photography_GOG_7_2016_002.jpg

And this…

WEB_Jeanine Thurston Photography_GOG_7_2016_001.jpg

Suck it up cinderella and bring umbrellas, bring sunblock, sunglasses, put on hiking boots or at least sandals that can trek on rocks – and let go of what you might have been thinking for the perfect wedding day, because this my friends is as close to perfection as you’ll ever get for a wedding view.  When you and your guests stop for a moment and see this for the first time it simply takes your breath away.  Be grateful – because not everyone can pause and look around on a wedding day and think – holy %##! this is amazing… on top of being happy for the wedding couple.

Happiest of marriages to Haley & George – they waited out the storm for an idyllic setting for their vows.  With an intimate wedding with their family & closest friends surrounded by geological upheaval that dates to at least 1330 BC at best records when people first visited.  Garden of the Gods  (GOG) is one of the most beautiful places on this planet… so it is worth every possible inconvenience to have a marriage start here!


“May the sun bring you new energy by day, may the moon softly restore you by night, may the rain wash away your worries, may the breeze blow new strength into your being, may you walk gently thorugh the world and know it’s beauty all the days of your life.”

― Apache Blessing




Planner: Custom Weddings of Colorado  www.customweddingsofcolorado.com

Officiant: Edwin Ward (720)300-4492

Dinner: Briarhurst Manor contact – Janice Montoya manor5@briarhurst.com

Florist: Pink Posey Design www.pinkposeydesign.com

Baker: La Patisserie Francaise  www.LaPatBakery.com

Overnight Accommodations: The Mining Exchange (719)323-2000


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