Red Rocks, Dazzle, Wedding – need I say more?

Beautiful day again for a wedding, starting out at Diana’s house for the getting ready photos with her ladies and her dogs looking on quite curious about what was going on.  Everyone was beaming happy since I walked in the door around 10:30am.    We hung out at the home front until the limo came around 1pm for the girls, whisking them off to Red Rocks Trading Post.   I met up with the men for a few shots and then right from the limo to the ceremony line up for the girls when they arrived.  The sun was so bright at that point at least half the crowd of family and friends had their sunglasses on, but the temperature was comfortable.  It was a short and sweet ceremony behind the Trading Post – not without some giggles, as a tecno band was warming up for the concert that evening and decided to belt out some tunes while Ben said his vows.  We did a few shots of family after the ceremony we held out awhile for the scattered clouds to roll in over the foothills and saving the best light for the photo-shoot with Diana and Ben.  Because of the concert we couldn’t go up to the overlook as planned as they were not so forgiving to give us access; however, we still found a perfect spot for a couple shots of the wedding party and some amazing images on the rocks… while lightly on the lookout for patrols… we gratefully got the amazing images and dodged the hefty fine if we were caught climbing on the rocks – worth the risk in my mind as Diana and Ben were wonderful in following my direction in climbing, and laying on the rocks with their wedding best dress on.  Then off we went to Dazzle Jazz Club in Denver for a fantastic reception.  The food was absolutely amazing, the cake beautiful as well as delicious, and a group of friends and family that really knew how to keep the dancing and party going strong.   The flowers were done by Kimball Floral that did some really fantastic bouquets for the ladies – and Sue Kimball was so nice.