March is Multiples Month at the studio


March is Multiples month at the studio – pass it along if you know of anyone that has twins, triplets or more! One hour sessions at my studio in Denver – all of March – are only $25 for multiples. ūüôā

AGE DOESN’T MATTER… newborns, children, teens, adults.

Extra Bonus… any multiples over 60 years old get their session FREE.





5 days a week. WHAT IS THAT?

Over 25 years as a professional photographer. Yes, I’m still running a full time photography business. While during the past 25 years I have pretty much photographed everything you can imagine – and worked 7 days a week for the past 25 years…. I’m cutting my work-schedule to 5 days a week. Shocker – I know.
Lots of people out there realize this is what normal people do – work 40 hour work weeks. I have not known a 40 hour work week since I was 18 years old. I didn’t become a Brand Partner at Nerium because I’m quitting my labor of love for photography. I partnered with Nerium, because I wanted to:
1. Focus on my family
2. Focus on my best customers and give them the attention they deserve
3. Focus on photography that gives the most back to my heart.
Being a Nerium Brand-Partner has simply allowed me to do more of what I love to do AND have a family/personal life going forward.
Long-time loyal clients, I will always photograph anything for them within the new 5 day work week.
However, I will be having a little more focus going forward.
Weddings РMaterinty/Newborns РFamily Portraits 

Styled portraits (children & women)

Dance/ballet Fine Art Portraits

Food photography (limited to 2 corporate clients/year)
Because we are going to a NORMAL work-schedule, some times of the year will book up more quickly. I will continue to do fall family days each year. If you are pregnant and looking forward to newborn portraits, we will schedule a date based on your due date and then leave flexibility in the schedule so that we can assure time to photograph your newborn when they actually do arrive (sooner or later smile emoticon
If you want to keep up to date on Styled shoots and special studio events, please like our Facebook page Jeanine Thurston Photography or follow my BLOG at

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Motivational Monday – conscious effort to re-motivate

A couple years ago, I started blocking off Mondays.  Yes, I still work from home and take the occasional work assignment Рbut most Mondays I try to use now as my reset for the week.  Playing catch up on odds & ends, and lots of time reflecting, crying, getting out frustrations and meditating to get my mind back in order.

I come from a family with a lot of strengths and a LOT¬†of weaknesses (I’m sure many can relate) – all of which I have inherited and really are at a vast spectrum from each other. ¬†It happens to be one of the reasons I went to get my first degree in Psychology over 24 years ago now… because I was a little afraid of what might come down the line and felt like I needed some basis to deal with it if the time ever came. ¬†A couple decades after I graduated I was just living life without any real reflective thoughts that were very deep…then just¬†a few years back I started feeling the strain… first ignoring it, and then struggling with what was happening – or what I was finally owning as happening.

My heart and moral compass¬†started to struggle with how to handle reality. ¬†How to handle people you love completely detaching from you, loss of relationships, loss of trust, not understanding why people act they way they do – and having a mind that always wanted to know WHY for every situation, ¬†not understanding people who closed down, not understanding dishonesty, not understanding why people are so unwilling to listen, why people are so set in their thinking… and I could go on and on. ¬†All of this would make me angry, unsettled, and anxious constantly.

Now I’m not saying that any of these feelings have changed. ¬†But I have made conscious choice to re-motivate myself on a daily basis. ¬†I use motivational Monday to post some blurbs that I find online that I connect with – because I like to share; but, daily I do this for myself. ¬†I find some words that re-connect me with what I agree with in my own mind, and then I always find a few minutes to shut out everything and meditate and reset myself each day (and sometimes more than once a day). ¬†I’m constantly searching for education on ways to guide me in life. ¬†These are a few quotes that I love to read over and over again.

If you have any self-help, books on motivation… or any books you love – please share!

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I’m looking for the teeny, tiny, itty, bitty yumminess that we call newborns! Casting CALL starts NOW. I have some newborn awesomeness in props that I want photographed…. so if you have… will have soon… or know if ANYONE having a newborn baby that is 2 weeks or younger IT’S TIME FOR SOME ART!

Must be a newborn that is 14 days old or LESS
UNDER 7 LBS (for any premies that showed themselves early)

Photoshoots will be at my Denver Studio, and if you qualify the session and one 11×14 canvas print will be FREE. Qualification will be determined by the above and our schedule availability! Photographer will have 100% creative control, so we can’t do a list – shoots will be based on our vision.

* If you have a newborn e-mail us immediately so we can get you on the schedule.
* If you are due in Dec or January e-mail us immediately with your approximate due date so we can set a tentative date and then adjust it for when the baby actually arrives.



To view my work online please visit

And follow my JEANINE THURSTON PHOTOGRAPHY on Facebook for updates and all the things going on all year-round!

For every newborn 2 weeks or less photographed by me in December 2014 РJanuary 2015 they will be entered into a drawing on February 1st, 2015 for a BABY BOOK!



A snapshot of your child’s life.

There is no place to compare our children to others. ¬†Not to others in our household, not to others in school – because there is not one child out there like another. ¬†They love different things at different times, they learn things at different speeds. Their minds are so busy with taking in every bit of information, categorizing it, filing it, re-filing it and this is a never ending process. ¬†WE CAN encourage and lead by example… and we can accept that some children will learn information in different ways. ¬†Finding what they excel in and celebrating that can give them¬†encouragement to work on some of the things that they maybe aren’t¬†learning as quickly. ¬†Every child has something that can be celebrated… find that in your child.

Today, start a list… by listening. ¬†For a week keep a piece of paper on your counter and start writing down things that your child says, what interests them and make a collection of who your child is right now. ¬†Do this yearly, monthly, however often you can and put it with a photo when you are done. ¬†This is the most amazing memory book you can ever assemble – it allows you to see who your child is – a snapshot of their personality. ¬†Then take a day and celebrate all the things that make your child amazing and unique.


Family Portraits 2014

Three of many reasons to get family portraits done this year.

1. You love your family and want them to have memories of you all together, and/or of the kids as they grow – for yourself, for your kids, and for your grandkids.

2. You have just realized they are pumping Christmas music at EVERY store you walk into already – because of course it is not Halloween anymore. ¬†You suddenly realize you haven’t started Christmas shopping yet… well – photos are a great gift for family and grandparents.

3. You are looking through photo albums… and your 6 year old asks why you have 5 albums of you and your dogs, cats, lizards & fish…etc… but there is only 2 pages of them. ¬†Whoops… time for more photos of your kids!lol

Of course I would love to see you for portraits any time of year!!!  Contact us to schedule your session at or call 720-566-9770

We still have a few openings through November and the first week in December 2014!


Plan beyond your wedding day for that dress.

As a photographer we value your wedding day and getting beautiful images of you, your families and friends. ¬†We narrow down images that make up the best story of your personality, your relationship with your new spouse, and your interactions with your family and friends. ¬† We also know that you have put so much time into all the details… including time picking out your wedding gown. ¬†Don’t set aside the option to have a bridal session after your wedding! ¬†After the wedding or after your honeymoon… before you get your dress even cleaned, it’s time to play! ¬†How often would you ever wear your wedding dress again? ¬†Don’t make your wedding day the last day you wear it… let’s have some fun.

Fototails_Jeanine_Thurston_20110825_2011_1014 Fototails_Jeanine_Thurston_20110825_2011_1016 Fototails_Jeanine_Thurston_20110825_2011_1027 Fototails_Jeanine_Thurston_20110825_2011_1030

D√≠a de los Muertos

Jeanine Thurston

I had such a great time photographing with an amazing group ladies on my team!  In celebration of Día de los Muertos we had a photo shoot that was absolutely amazing!   You can get more information about the differences between Halloween vs Día de los Muertos by going to Muy Bueno BLOG along with some amazing recipes to help celebrate the holiday… like yummy Persimmons Margaritas and Pumpkin Empanadas!  It is nice to give everyone a little look into other cultures and traditions.  I was  lucky to be able to show this through the eyes of Yvette in memory of her grandmother.  It really is a beautiful and meaningful holiday. View a video of all of the images from this celebratory photo shoot on You Tube: Dia de los Muertos

A huge thank you to everyone that came together to make this shoot happen on very short notice:

Brandy Rich…

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