Wedding photography Q & A

Every bride that I meet with has so many questions about their wedding photography.  Here are a few of the most frequent questions with answers, or suggestions for you to make everything go just right for your wedding day!

What style of photography is important, and what style of photography do I want for my wedding?  Each bridal couple will definitely find photographic styles that are more pleasing to their eye.  It is so important to know what you like visually, but it is also very important that you know what is going to be important to you in the future when you are pouring over photographs of your wedding day.  We suggest a photography style that will combine photojounalism of all those candid moments with a photographer that is also a professional portrait photographer so that you get proper group shots as well.  While the group portraits can be fun and outgoing (not just stand up  in a straight line), you want a photographer that can photograph with proper lighting to make everyone look their best too. 

Black & White vs. Color?  While most of my wedding clients come in wanting the photojounalistic b&w images that look fine art… when I poll them after their wedding I have had about 90% return feedback that although they still loved some b&w images for their wedding album, they actually preferred most of the images in color.  Many bridal couples love the b&w artistic looking images… but when you have spent all of your time planning your wedding & decorations… picking your colors… and venue – it is very important to have a good representation of that.  This isn’t coming from me as a photographer – this is what I have received in feedback from actual wedding clients year after year.

Is liking your photographer important?  MOST DEFINITELY!  Although it is just as important to find a photographer that is good at what they do… natural expressions don’t always just happen.  When you can smile and laugh with your photographer and feel comfortable being with them it is going to make it so much easier on your wedding day.  If your photographer will fit in well with family and friends they will be able to get all of those candid moments much easier giving your images a more “insider” feel.

 I don’t really need a wedding album do I?  Many bridal couples will pass on a wedding album thinking that they will have a DVD of images and put something together themself.  Most of the time, unfortunately, those images sit on DVD and never make it to an album at all.  Professional wedding album layouts can really tell the story of your wedding day and is something that becomes an heirloom for future generations.  We have a 99% return of clients that didn’t order album within 3 years coming back to ask us to do an album for them for this very reason.  Our suggestion… do an album with your wedding photography package, it will save you money in the long run.

What time of day should I do my wedding?  Many clients see album/photography samples and fall in love with the photographers’ work.  Then they plan their wedding only to get their images back and wonder what went wrong.  If you tend to enjoy images with soft lighting and scenic panoramas, then plan your wedding time with your photographer to capture these images.  The same goes for the wedding reception… if you don’t want dark images, it may be a better plan to do your wedding earlier in the day.  Sunset photos?  The same applies…. while official sunset time may be 7pm on a given day…. that doesn’t mean that is the best time for sunset shots.  Typically for the photographer, sunset images are actually better captured and hour or two before sunset – so plan your wedding accordingly if that is what is most important to you. 

 Backing up files – what is important?  Digital photography has made leaps and bounds and is definitely the choice of most photographers as well as clients as you get so many more images and coverage of your wedding day.  Make sure your photographer is protecting your investment.  Backing up files on-site before leaving the wedding site is very important… it puts you and your photographer at ease.  Then knowing that images are also backed up off-site from the photographers location is another really good idea… the more places they are the more assured you can be that your images are safe!

 More questions?  leave us a comment and we will be happy to answer all of your wedding planning & photography questions!!!contact-image.jpg

6 thoughts on “Wedding photography Q & A

  1. Other wedding photography related questions:
    How long have you been in business?
    How long have you been photographing weddings?
    Are you a member of any professional organization?
    Can you shoot in any light available?
    Do you include image retouching?
    How long will you stay at the Ceremony/ Reception?
    What album styles are available?
    Do you offer mini gift albums for reletives?
    How many photographers will be assigned to my wedding?
    What time will they arrive/ depart?

    Are special mountings available, and at what cost?
    How will the photographer and crew be dressed?


  2. Great questions!
    I have been photographing professionally for over 18 years, and photographing weddings from the time I started. I definitely believe in being a part of the professional photographic organizations as it allows you to grow as a photographer as well as learn new things from your peers…. photography is always changing and it is the only way to keep on top of what is new. I am personally involved with WPPI, PPA, and RMPPA.

    I can definitely shoot in any lighting situation! I bring multiple different lighting set ups that allow me to compensate for any lighting.

    I personally think it is important to retouch the wedding images and offer that as part of the wedding package. Everyone wants to look their best,and that last minute blemish, shine on your skin or smeared make-up isn’t how you want to remember your wedding day!

    Our coverage times really depend on how you have your day planned. Some couples like for us to stay to the very end, and others just until all of the main events are complete.

    We love the published/flush albums, but we do offer traditional albums as well. We carry a variety of styles in each so that you can choose what you like best.

    Definitely, we offer gift and parent albums.

    The number of photographers covering your wedding all depends on your wedding day plans.

    Our photographic crew is typically dressed in black dress attire.


  3. Great post what you say is so true!
    You need to make sure you don’t have a personality clash with the photographer. Many brides have no idea just how important this is.
    Usually the photographer will be spending the WHOLE day with you.

    Take your time to get to know them during the interview process. Make sure the person you meet is the person that will be photographing your wedding. A lot of the bigger companies employ sales reps to do the pre-sell and you find a complete stranger arriving on your door step the day of your wedding.


  4. I would like to add that an engagement photo session with the bride and groom is a great benefit to both client and photographer. The bride and groom will experience your photography style and see how their images are created. It is also a great method for building a rapport, their confidence in themselves and your ability.


  5. Nice Post..The bride and the groom have to remember that years after the wedding the only memories of their wedding are the pictures. So choosing a reliable photographer with whom you feel comfortable is of great importance.


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