Erickson Kuenne Engagement

We are looking forward to photographing Brittany & Paul’s wedding coming up in July.  But, this morning I had them get up nice and early for a Sunday morning stroll around a few spots in Denver for some engagement photos.  Chalk this one up to the couple that will have the most fun together… they weren’t afraid to do a little climbing around to get some great engagement photos!  They tell me they met at Starbucks too… so what do you know we were down on Market Street and found a nice cup of “Jo” painted on the side of a building there – how fitting.   I’m looking forward to their wedding day! 🙂

2 thoughts on “Erickson Kuenne Engagement

  1. These locations are super fun! I love it. Especially the one with the coffee cup in the background. It makes for a really unique photo. A kiss with a twist!


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