Jessica & Andrew

1st day of May 2009 turned out to be a beautiful day for a wedding.  With the forecast looming rain and cold, it was no match for the perfect couple with a beautiful Scottish theme wedding – taking their chance on having the ceremony outdoors.  A heavy cloud cover continues to prove as the ulitmate soft-box for some beautiful portraits of this happy couple, and a little cold didn’t bother them a bit.  With bagpipes in the background, the ceremony was perfect in every way – and anyone could have mistaken it for being set right in Scotland with the heavy clouds overhead and the beautiful music.  What made the day even more special is the dress was handmade and the flowers homegrown.  I may be a little bias with being Scottish myself – but, I wouldn’t have traded this type of day for any sunny summer day for a wedding.  In true form, this couple is headed off to spend their honeymoon in the only place that seems fit “Scotland.”  churnside1I wish them a long life of churnside31happiness and love –churnside2

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