Wildflowers & Stones

pilling1What could be better than a beautifully sunny morning at Chautauqua Park in Boulder.  The wildflowers are wonderful still up there this summer… and I was so excited because they usually don’t hang around this long into the summer.  But, Reed wasn’t interested in the wildflowers at all – he is on the move and wants to discover,  and was finally happy when he could get his feet wet and play with a rock – the typical boy.  And although he may act like the typical boy… he is beautiful – and when you look at those big eyes it would cause anyone to say WOW.  His sisters Sophia & Anna are also a couple of the most pleasant girls to be around, with their big eyes and sweet smiles.  The best end to the session was watching Anna chase a butterfly around the park.  Nothing dull about this morning… the ladybugs and grasshoppers were out in full force giving any child plenty to discover.Pilling4pilling3pilling2

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