Erin & David’s Wedding

At the Red Lion Restaurant in Boulder, Colorado this afternoon.  And, as usual – a thunderstorm crept in just as the ceremony was suppost to start.  The best thing about Colorado… is we waited about 20 minutes and the pouring rain stopped and gave us some sun – and the wedding went as planned by the river.  Outstanding.  I was so happy to photograph their wedding today, as I had photographed the groom’s sister’s wedding some years back so it was nice to see their family again.Wheeler1wheeler2wheeler3wheeler4wheeler5  Everyone had such a great day and I’m super excited that we got some great images – dispite the delay.

5 thoughts on “Erin & David’s Wedding

  1. Thank you Jeanine! We like the photos and cannot wait to see more. Thank you for being there to capture our day!
    We’re so grateful.
    Erin and Dave


  2. Congratulations Erin and Dave! I am so happy for the both of you. Your photographer did such a great job capturing the beauty of your wedding day!!!!


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