Courtney’s Senior Portrait Session

Courtney6You know that you have been a photographer for a long time when the full cycle starts coming around more and more each year.  From babies, to seniors, to weddings and back to babies again.  I’ve been photographing Courtney since she was about 8 years old I think – and now it is already senior portrait time, and I’m sure anyone would agree she is a knock out.  We just went through round one of her senior session and we have the 2nd round coming up this coming weekend.  It is so exciting to me, having the opportunity to photograph people over many years and see them change and grow – I don’t even know how to start with how much pride and joy I get from being a “family” photographer to so many people.Courtney5Courtney1 In 1991 I was very focused on senior portrait photography and was photographing between 500-600 seniors a year for about 5-6 years when I then moved to Colorado.  Now I do limited senior boutique sessions each year that include 1 or 2 extensive sessions for each senior and I don’t duplicate a location for any senior in a 12 month period, so that they get a really unique session.  In Courtney’s case… the green background you see is a little bog covered in – well – green stuff that is yet to be determined, but what a great background.


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