Model Sessions.


I have been lucky enough to have a few days spent photographing some beautiful models in the Denver area the past couple months.  Since moving into my new studio in Denver it has been nice to “play” a little instead of 100% serious client work… I’ve take time for some fun sessions, modeling sessions, & have been loving meeting new models and spending time photographing for fun with other photographers around the area too.  It helps me break out of the box and get some fresh creative energy flowing so that I get more ideas for the photo shoots I do every week for my clients and allows me to put some new fresh images into my online galleries too.

I’ve have photographed some up and coming models in the Denver area – that you are sure to see their faces around.  Keep your eyes open for Rachel, Kari, CC, Kristina, Alyssa, Andre, Craig… and many more.  We will be photographing soon with a couple local clothing designers like House of History, and were lucky to have Atomic Clothing send some of their designs out for a photo shoot a few weeks back too.  Enjoy more images to come very soon!

Andre & Alyssa



Angel Portraits

Angel Portrait Sessions

I probably did my first angel wing session around 18 years ago.   Trends come and go and while angel sessions use to be on a backdrop with big smiles at the camera, we have found a better place for our children with wings images – as timeless pieces of art for hallways, bathrooms, living & dining rooms.  I even had a client recently hang a beautiful piece in the hallway of their office.  While I am still happy to do the angel shots on a studio backdrop, there are so many more locations for sessions like this – and it is really fun to become creative on location so that the images we come up with are something you will want on your walls for years to come; and no matter how hold your child gets.  A private garden, an old broken down fence, a stone or brick wall can all serve as great locations for an child angel session.   I would love to help you with some great ideas – so that you can have something unique hanging on your walls.

Angel Portraits