Angel Portraits

Angel Portrait Sessions

I probably did my first angel wing session around 18 years ago.   Trends come and go and while angel sessions use to be on a backdrop with big smiles at the camera, we have found a better place for our children with wings images – as timeless pieces of art for hallways, bathrooms, living & dining rooms.  I even had a client recently hang a beautiful piece in the hallway of their office.  While I am still happy to do the angel shots on a studio backdrop, there are so many more locations for sessions like this – and it is really fun to become creative on location so that the images we come up with are something you will want on your walls for years to come; and no matter how hold your child gets.  A private garden, an old broken down fence, a stone or brick wall can all serve as great locations for an child angel session.   I would love to help you with some great ideas – so that you can have something unique hanging on your walls.

Angel Portraits

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