Local Artist Spotlight: Stephen Roberts

I’ve been involved in art as long as I can remember.  I’ve dabbled in charcoal, pencil, oils and etching – which eventually lead me to photography that I love so much.  Many of my clients are interested in art as well, however it is always exciting to me when one of my clients practices their art.  So, this is the start to my monthly blog post “Local Artist Spotlight” to show off some of the amazing artists that I am fortunate enough to cross paths with along my way.
DECEMBER 2010 SPOTLIGHT: Stephen Roberts


Stephen Roberts/ Title: UNFINISHED


I’ve been photographing for Stephen and Jaya Roberts for some years now, starting with their wedding.  Over the years their family has grown – and it is what I love most about my clients and getting to know them more over time.  I get to see them and their families grow and grow up – it can’t help but make me smile.  Our last session this fall with the Roberts, I was talking a little more with Stephen and found out that he is an artist.  I can’t help but get a little anxious when people tell me they practice their art and of course couldn’t wait to see some of his work.  Thanks to cell phones these days, he had something to show me to appease my “photographer” instant gratification need to SEE! 

Stephen Roberts/ Title: Dead Bird Circus

The colors in Stephen’s art are amazingly attractive to the eye and the brilliant colors and shapes draw you into his work.  It is wonderful looking at his work, and the only hard part is trying to look away – there is just so much to see in each piece, you don’t want to stop looking.
A creative with deep spiritual connections. Developed talent from a young age and has worked many different mediums.

Stephen Roberts/ Title: Passion

From oils in a wandering type composition to photorealism with pencils.
“I Enjoy painting with my boys of five and three years, and look forward to tomorrow and the colors that will be enjoyed!”
Stephen J Roberts
Ps 27:1
A Creative

One thought on “Local Artist Spotlight: Stephen Roberts

  1. Wow! What a great idea, and a great artist to start off with. I enjoyed the post, learning about an artist in my own area, and his art. His work is emphatic!


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