Backyard Party: Barnett Shulman Wedding

After some serious heatwave the past week in Colorado, we had an amazing day for Molly & Garrett’s wedding in Boulder, Colorado.  September 3rd, 2011… and a perfect 75 degrees and sunny.Photographer: Jeanine Thurston

Photographer: Jeanine Thurston

There house and land would be the envy of nearly anyone that wants to live in Boulder, and over the past months they had spent so much time moving in and getting everything in order for a fantastic backyard wedding & reception. Biscuits & Berries was setting up for the reception when I arrived, and you know the food and display will be above and beyond when they are there!

Biscuits & Berries

In leu of a cake, they adorn a table with every kind of pie you can imagine.  I have to say, it was a bigger hit than any cake I’ve ever seen.  As soon as they announced cake, there was a line instantly to get a piece.

Biscuits & Berries

Then of course came the dancing… and no lack of.  Congratulations to a happy marriage to you both!

Photographer: Jeanine Thurston

Photographer: Jeanine Thurston



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