fleeting moments.

I have the amazing opportunity to photography nearly a hundred newborn babies each year.  Parents come into my studio and bring me these beautiful little beings that just entered the world – sometimes within a few days to a couple weeks of their birth.  Many times I see these same children months and years later – and it is truly a gift to see so many lives grow and change.

Newborn portrait sessions are more special than I could ever explain.  The softness of their skin, the wisp of hair on their neck, the little fur on their shoulders and back – and of course their tiny fingers and toes.

This time is so short – don’t miss out.  You don’t realize that that newborn time has passed until a month or two go by and you realize – they don’t look the same anymore.

This beautiful boy is our little tribute to “THE BRONCOS”  sporting a beautiful orange & blue hat.  And although I have a version with all of the little shedding skin edited out – I am partial to images of them looking exactly like they are, so no editing to this image.  Just reality – that even at 13 days old, this little mans shedding skin is just a sign of him growing already.

Jeanine Thurston Photography

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