Mexico – 2012.

Dreamy sunsets almost every night - it's a great way to wind down in the evening.

I’ve been traveling to Mexico to photograph weddings for about 10+ years – I only remember this because this past year I had to re-new my passport!lol  But, in all seriousness… as much as I love photographing weddings in Mexico – it doesn’t always leave much (if any) time for exploring.  However, I have spent some time in and around Cabo/Todo Santos area – mainly because we have family that live in Todo Santos.

Jill Logan's Gallery located in the heart of Todo Santos

I wanted to take a minute to “plug” the Todo Santos area for a few reasons.  One reason is that it “feels” like Mexico to me.  You drive into town and it looks as it may have looked 80 years ago.  The restaurants are open air – no air-conditioning, the dogs are wandering the streets.  You drive by sheep & cattle along some dirt roads close to town.  There are plenty of “taco stands” around every corner.  Just on the far side of town –

Fun shopping the "Mexican sweets"

I always look forward to visiting the Dolceria for some sweets & pastries.  On the weekends they have a little market with fresh hand-made tamales and sometimes some sausages and meats for sale… along with some arts/jewelry.  It is also becoming quite the artists’ town – with galleries all over the little town.

Fresh tamales at the open market - worth getting up and heading out to on the weekends!

From quiet beaches with not another person in sight, to Pescadaro close by where the surf is amazing.

So if you happen to want to go somewhere that isn’t “all-inclusive” – but relatively easy to get to for some great food at Cafe Santa fe, see some amazing art, and get the Western Mexico feeling – I encourage you to make it a destination.  Besides, the tortillas, tamales, and yummy treats they will whip up for you will keep you coming back.

Ok… well – if you think this sounds too cut off – it doesn’t have to be.  There is an amazing little cafe on the edge of town with wifi, and only a short drive from Pescadaro for an internet cafe as well.  But don’t expect a TV in your hotel…. not many have them – but don’t be afraid, there is always plenty to explore and do with your time!

Catch a latte and a little wi-fi to catch up with reality back home.

Here is a great site that gives you more information about Todo Santos.

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