The happy jumping dance.


Happy Jumping Dance

Family & children portrait sessions can be super fun.  But… of course there are always the little bumps in the road, trying to get children to smile… or even sit in a decent location to get some good images.  Years ago… (MANY YEARS AGO) as I watched the TV show ELLEN of course I couldn’t help buy smile at her dancing before every show.  So… I decided that instead that we should do a happy jumping dance “after” each children/family session to celebrate.  One of these days I’ll have to go through and make a little video of shots of this from each session… the kids adore doing it and I always have to snap one or two of the happy jumping dance.

Happy Jumping Dance

Happy Jumping Dance


Jeanine Thurston PHotography

My little man Jace

Children are exhausting little beings…. it’s true.  But the amount of love and laughter they bring to life is more than I could have ever imagined.  I had a fun day at the studio with my little guys yesterday.  Eric is quite the budding photographer now days…. makes me so proud! Jace always has a smile for me and says the silliest things to make me laugh.  Just wanted to share their smiles with all of you.

Eric Thurston

My little guy Eric