What little lady can pass up a tutu?

A few weeks ago we posted on facebook that we were doing one day of “tutu” sessions for little girls, their families & friends.  One day quickly turned into three and it couldn’t have been more fun!  Absolutely in love with hundreds of images from those shoots!  Dizzie Izzie pedi-skirts and some fantastic tutus from Kimber… then add some cupcakes from Anything But Vanilla and some accessories and it makes for some pretty fun filled days of photography.

Check out some of the images on these little videos!

TUTUS: Vol 1

TUTUS: Vol 2

TUTUS: Vol 3

31 thoughts on “What little lady can pass up a tutu?

  1. The girls had so much fun and they love you know Jeanine. I think you’re one of their favorite people! 🙂 These are all TOO cute. I love them all!


  2. My 2 1/2 year old absolutely loves
    Tutus! She probably has 20 of them…we love your photos and would be honored to be a part
    Of “tutu day”!!


  3. Need to get the girls in again for a photo shoot soon, can big girls do the tutu shots also? 😉 The photos are so amazing of this shoot, hope you do some more!!


  4. Loved Loved Loved looking through these pics! My little Nyah would love the chance to show off in a tutu should the opportunity arise!


  5. I watched the video presentation of the shoot. Stunning photo’s, I wish that I had signed up to bring my girls. Such special moments.


  6. This sounds like the most perfect tea party! I made my sister cancel her appointment to spend a few extra days at our grandmothers, and now I see why she was so bummed. It’s just all princesses and giggles 🙂 exactly what a photo shoot should be.


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