Fish Tacos


After being away on a trip to the mid-west, I realized as soon as I got home I was craving some fresh fish tacos.  So off to the grocery store for some tilapia and this is what I made.  Super simple dipping fresh white fish of your choice in buttermilk and then dipping in cornmeal and then lightly frying a couple minutes on each side.  Then some sea salt to flavor it.  I wanted to keep it super fresh.  Then chopped one mango and a 1/4 cup of canned pineapple, one diced avocado and then squeeze a lime and mix it together.  Dice or slice a jalapeno pepper, and slice some red onion too.  

Grab your favorite tortilla or make them fresh….If you need to spice it up just add your favorite salsa… but I like to keep it fresh and simple… I put some cilantro on and it tastes amazing.



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