Keeping the kids busy

So many of us are a little over a week into winter break with our kids.  They have played with their holiday toys & gifts and now we are in the home stretch before they return to school in a week.  We have hit the zoo lights, the museums, walks, and now we need to get creative to keep them happy and busy for one more week.  Here are some fun things to break up the days!


Snowman Soap Experiment

To make some snowman soap you will need:

1 bar Ivory soap
Food coloring: red, yellow, blue, green
Round cookie cutters
Wax paper
Two dishes or bowls and spoons
1 cup water

NOW… visit this link for all the details SNOWMAN SOAP EXPERIMENT!

Snowman Soap Experiment by @amandaformaro for Kix Cereal


My kids LOVE tic tac toe, and what a fun way to get them through some things that are on their task list!  Click here for all the details and the link to download the free printable!Free Printable To Do List by Design Eat Repeat

PROJECT 3. Make your own play-dough

Check it out – she added a little video, and step by step – and what is even better she makes it allergy free with some great ingredients.

MAKE YOUR OWN COCO-DOUGHcoconut oil play dough

Hope you have some fun with these projects… and check back, I’ll be adding more favorites to come in the next few days!

~ Happy New Year!!!

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