Styled kids for the best portrait sessions.

Timeless children’s clothing can make a huge difference in how their portrait sessions turn out.  The best part about styling your child’s outfits with a timeless look, is you will be able to hang the images on your wall indefinitely and they won’t ever seem dated.  You will focus on your child and it will give the images a more artistic feel.

Here are just a very few of my favorites for timeless children’s clothing – only to be used as a guideline for when you are planning your child’s wardrobe for their photo-shoot:

b6ea52066bf9c6296c9273ea87e53200480abc91cb353bfd506d91aad0dcd368838e972dc61d1a6eaf31a59f664630893412c85ddd4d8feaafa70dc513b6a673 f1e9656589e286f94cb3512724f9102e da7ecabecc5161670144ac287f6dc59c f697064512352ef36f9604cc637b1880 0a2b1c44ee45092634c989ad10eb466069fc299113c208233e63dbc6a842c4eb

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