Motivational Monday – conscious effort to re-motivate

A couple years ago, I started blocking off Mondays.  Yes, I still work from home and take the occasional work assignment – but most Mondays I try to use now as my reset for the week.  Playing catch up on odds & ends, and lots of time reflecting, crying, getting out frustrations and meditating to get my mind back in order.

I come from a family with a lot of strengths and a LOT of weaknesses (I’m sure many can relate) – all of which I have inherited and really are at a vast spectrum from each other.  It happens to be one of the reasons I went to get my first degree in Psychology over 24 years ago now… because I was a little afraid of what might come down the line and felt like I needed some basis to deal with it if the time ever came.  A couple decades after I graduated I was just living life without any real reflective thoughts that were very deep…then just a few years back I started feeling the strain… first ignoring it, and then struggling with what was happening – or what I was finally owning as happening.

My heart and moral compass started to struggle with how to handle reality.  How to handle people you love completely detaching from you, loss of relationships, loss of trust, not understanding why people act they way they do – and having a mind that always wanted to know WHY for every situation,  not understanding people who closed down, not understanding dishonesty, not understanding why people are so unwilling to listen, why people are so set in their thinking… and I could go on and on.  All of this would make me angry, unsettled, and anxious constantly.

Now I’m not saying that any of these feelings have changed.  But I have made conscious choice to re-motivate myself on a daily basis.  I use motivational Monday to post some blurbs that I find online that I connect with – because I like to share; but, daily I do this for myself.  I find some words that re-connect me with what I agree with in my own mind, and then I always find a few minutes to shut out everything and meditate and reset myself each day (and sometimes more than once a day).  I’m constantly searching for education on ways to guide me in life.  These are a few quotes that I love to read over and over again.

If you have any self-help, books on motivation… or any books you love – please share!

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