Remember what it’s like to be a kid. Win a free portrait session.

What it feel like to be a kid.

I couldn’t help but post on this image before I’m even done editing the entire session.  This – to me at least – is what I remember it feels like to be a kid.

*You wake up in the morning thinking of all the things you want to do.

*You run – and when you run… it is always as fast as you can.

*When it is cold, your teeth feel cold because you are smiling so much.

*The woods is your favorite playground because it is open for endless exploring and adventure.

*Finding crawling things is the best thing on earth… salamanders, lizards, snakes, frogs.  For some kids… maybe you preferred lady bugs & butterflies… I grew up more like a tom boy in the woods. lol.

*Your cheeks are almost always rosy.

*Holidays were magical, and summers were nearly endless.

*Being snowed it was the best thing on earth, because it meant you got to make tunnels through the snow (I lived up north… so “feet” of snow were a regular thing.

Now it’s your turn.  Post the first thing that comes to mind that made you smile when you were a kid.  I get to pick my favorite out of anyone that posts before Dec 1st, 2010 and that person gets their next portrait session with me for free.

🙂 Time to to think about being a kid!

5 thoughts on “Remember what it’s like to be a kid. Win a free portrait session.

  1. I remember many times running through the field by your house and laying in the grass and thinking how lucky we were to be in such a peaceful place!! I also remember endless hours of swimming and jumping off the dock!


  2. Being a kid, for me, meant everything was possible. We were memaids in the pool and master chefs in our Fisher Price kitchens. We could teach our stuffed animals how to read. Santa ate our cookies. Dad totally sounded like Mick Jagger. And no one, to this day, could ever make a lemon meringue pie like my Oma. Being a kid was the kind of magical that fairytales are made of.


  3. Being a kid was the best. I lived in a neighborhood where everyone was the same age. We’d take walks through the neighborhood picking up friends and all going to the local gas station to spend 25 cents on a small piece of candy and walk back home through the “short cuts”. Memories of playing “house” with my baby sister and the neighbor girls. Jumping on the trampoline with the hose on it so when you got a big bounce you were soaked! Learning how to curl my hair from my friend who was 2 years younger then me. Racing our bikes “from the black line” and then playing “cops and robbers” on the street. I have so many wonderful memories of childhood. Showing my mom that I could finally do the monkey bars. Standing in front of a puddle as cars drove through it and soaked us…


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