A day of bridal fashion photography


Sunday – Sept. 26th finally!  After about 6-8 weeks of planning/coordinating… and more, it all came together perfectly.  Beautiful upper 80s for weather… bright sun, everyone involved showed up on time or early.  I have had a chance to work with Heathyrre Kautz a few times over recent months and she again… worked her magic on the models turning the canvas into absolute perfection, and Claudia Opara was assisting Heathyrre.  Berenice worked on hair…. and when she arrived she was a little quiet… with a little nerves because it was actually the day before her wedding.  While the models rotated in and out of chairs between make up and hair the ones on break poured over bridal magazines and chit chat until everyone was ready to go to play dress up for the afternoon.  David was the lucky “groom” for my ladies, with huge beautiful light brown eyes that would make about any girl melt.  To round out the models we had Tristin Huntamer, Rachel Vigil, Melissa Schans,  and Courtney Dalton.  Newberry Brothers provided us with a couple beautiful bouquets, and I did a quick stop at Fun Services to add balloons to a few shots too.  Danielle from Blushing Bride Colorado met us at the park with so many beautiful gowns, and even a tux for David.  It was a completely exhausting day – but so much fun, and loving the images that we all managed as a team.

I would love for you to visit the little video we put together with some selects from the shoot : Bridal Fashion

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