King Vitale Wedding: MEXICO

Mexican shores

From the bright sunny skies to the beautifully staged ceremony and reception – this wedding was a dream wedding by anyone’s standards.  We got a little “extra” music during the ceremony, but Dawn and Corey laughed a little and everything was still great.   Destination Wedding Diva’s created a beautifully orchestrated wedding and reception – and left the bride and groom with smiles on their faces to enjoy their wedding day.  Ceiba Del Mar is a boutique hotel that would meet nearly anyone’s highest standards from the food, to the service they were spot on everything.

Riviera Maya - Mexico

But… best of all, was how completely happy the bride and groom were on their wedding day.  They are beautiful, and their personalities made everyone else just beam when they looked at them.  Plenty of amazing photos, I just couldn’t be more thankful than to have a couple that was willing to have fun and be a little playful to get some great images.

Time together

Then came the reception.  Their first dance was beautifully done as they had been taking dancing lessons (which I always appreciate), but at the end of the dance they broke out in a fantastic Salsa dances that had everyone amazed.  Congratulations Dawn & Corey!!!! It was amazing being here to photograph your wedding!!!!

Ceiba del mar resort & spa


In my hands

I will follow

3 thoughts on “King Vitale Wedding: MEXICO

  1. This wedding looks beautiful and the pictures are great! I recently got engaged and am looking into getting married at Ceiba Del Mar–I would love to talk to Dawn and Corey and ask about their experience….


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