MEXICO May 2011. Journal


I promise to update with photos as much as possible.

Monday – MAY 16TH, 2011

**Wrapping up the loose ends today around the office.  Working on some editing, a little packing, and making sure all my paperwork is in order for the trip.

Tuesday – MAY 17TH, 2011

**Kiddos off to school at 7:30am so that I could run some errands and then do a final packing of my equipment.  Had to edit 2 more sessions this morning, get a newer camera bag (at least I told myself I needed it), and then pack my suitcase.  About a dozen phone calls and 100 e-mails later, booked 5 more sessions for when I get back.5:30pm, picked the kids up from school.  Not so liking that the Town Car will be here at 3am to lug me to the airport…. flight leaves at 6am.

Wednesday – MAY 18TH, 2011

**Yep… here he comes… 3:15am on the button… off to DIA.

**Extremely happy that my 6am flight leaves on times… I saved a bit of money by having a pit-stop in Houston…. and while I typically fly direct… having $400 more dollars in my pocket sounded better at the time.  We’ll see how that actually plays out.

**Made it through DIA security without a hitch… it’s always a happy day when you get through security without the hassle of getting “the pat down” and having to un-pack your camera equipment for them to inspect.  So far off to a good start.  In addition, my Houston to Cancun leg of the journey got bumped to 1st class… so YEAH… happy day.  A little extra space and pampering for at least part of the trip.

**Small snag (that almost gave me a heart attack), screening in Mexico… I was so happy to hit the button… GREEN… again, my thanks that I didn’t have to dump my equipment and re-pack as usual.  BUT… my travel wallet with my credit cards & money all of a sudden were missing.  So…. not so smooth… stuck in the machine – but needless to say they found it and my heart returned to my chest.  And to think… I almost just walked out of security without it.

**The men in the blue shirts and white ties are typically my friends as I mostly book with Lomas… so they carted me off to my hotel without a hitch this time around (last year… well… there were a few issues), so again… happy day.

** Checked in at the Flamingo hotel (not recommended after the fact I must say)  Service was wonderful, staff great…. food – well laking a lot.   But I the hotel was right next to the Bride & Groom’s hotel and that worked for me as I didn’t have to rent a car this time around.

** Pinya Colada down…. getting to bed as I have shoots that start at 9am tomorrow.And a free Margarita... why pass that up?

Margaritaville was calling!

Thursday – MAY 19TH, 2011

**Up and out to the beach early!  Met the Brides parents and then the Grooms parents for some portraits on the beach and in their hotel.  Then a couple hour break back to my hotel room to cool off (VERY HUMID).

**1pm met the Bride and Groom and we were wisked off by the local taxi service to Playa!

** 4pm or so… back to my hotel, dropped of my cameras in my room and then went down to eat, have a drink and then off to a 30 minute walk on the beach.  Then back to my room to charge and check everything for the wedding tomorrow.  It’s going to be beautiful!

Colors of the water are always amazing here against the white beaches

Friday – MAY 20TH, 2011

Wedding day started with some getting ready photos in the Bride’s room at 11am…  and the day played out until about 8:30pm when their hotel assisted me and a few guests off of the property as that is all we were allowed in… but we got so many great images.  Beautiful wedding, gorgeous bride and such a wonderful couple – the wedding was perfect.

Saturday – MAY 21ST, 2011

Saturday was my free day… and while I had every intention of heading either to Playa or Puerto Morales for a fun photography day.  Honestly, I really just slept in, spent a few hours on the beach and then spent some time editing and backing up images.  Have to have at least one day to relax!

Sunday – MAY 22ND, 2011

The trip home proved to be a little more challenging.  A couple of late flights, stuck for an hour and a half on an airplane on the tarmac…. and well home a few hours later than expected.  But was very happy to be home to see all my boys.


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