My thoughts – about my photography.

Photographer: Jeanine Thurston

Photographing for over two decades, my photography has been a living breathing thing that is sometimes very controlled and at times very out of control.    Sometimes my style is a mirror of how I’m feeling for the day, and at times it brings me back to my photograph with “rules.”  I know some photographers take the utmost care in planning each session perfectly; however, in my case ~ as much as I plan, it is more about what is happening and how I’m feeling at the last second that I pull the trigger.  On the other side of the coin, after so many years shooting film, I was bound by the camera and making sure everything was technically perfect and spending hours in a darkroom processing and creating unique textures – dodging and burning and left with yellow fingertips from my 20 efforts on one image to get it exactly how I wanted it.  Now… really not much has changed except the tools I’m using (computers) are probably healthier than soaking my hands in chemicals because I was too lazy to put on rubber gloves.  And… well, I get to see daylight – I would at times spend 24 hours in one run in complete darkness with my film & paper.
I think there are such a variety of ways to capture images of your children, weddings, events, and everyday moments.   The candid images are such an important part of recording details that you may have missed or just forgotten without the reference back.  Personally, I have thousands of snapshots of my children and much less professional looking images that I really should, and probably definitely less than  most people expect because I’m a professional photographer.  But, the candid moments are captured and there to look back on with my showcase pieces that you have large and hanging and walk by every day and still can’t stop looking at them.  They are the ones that you look at, take a deep breath and say “wow, my child is so amazing” and it brings an overwhelming feeling that takes you to events before during and after that image was taken.   As much as every photographer would love for me to say you should have these type of images done every year… well, I have kids and know the reality of such a production.  But if you can do every 3 years or even every 5 years – it really is an amazing experience… trying to capture that one image that you have hanging 24×30 on your wall of your child, you as a couple, or your family.
I feel very lucky that I can shoot a mixture of styles so that most of my clients are very long-term… I’ve been photographing them for so many years that I have actually went from birth to graduation  – from toddler to wedding, from high-school senior portraits to their first child.  It is truly an overwhelming experience that I get to be a part of so many families as they change and grow.  It is an honor that I don’t take lightly and that makes me smile every day.  I’m not going to lie, it is a very self gratifying job – I get invited to photograph in my clients homes where I see my images framed and showcased.  Many times my clients are so excited when I visit to show my how they have displayed their images over the years – and honestly – as proud as they are to show me, I’m humbled by that pride.  While my husband may long to have me work a Monday-Friday 9-5 job and have every weekend open for my own family… well, honestly… most of my clients are or become my extended family too.  It is a selfish and selfless job if that makes any sense at all.
So, while clients come and go – photographers come and go – I don’t fear the competition, I work very hard and I ride the breeze whenever it comes my way.  I keep my amazing clients as close I can without smothering them – and yet try not to let go.  When they drift away, I try to win their love back.  If this sounds like a relationship – that is EXACTLY what it is – I have relationships with thousands of people and that is what I love most about what I do.  If I have photographed you now, I am grateful.  If I’ve photographed you in the past, may our paths cross again.  If I have lost you, I hope that I can get you back.
All of my love to the very many people that have filled my life and made it possible to be a professional photographer for 23 years.  My never ending gratitude to you for the support you have given me as friends, and allowing me to do what I love most as my work.

Photographer: Jeanine Thurston

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