On the move.

Ok, in all fairness I posted the last image to facebook, kidding that “ENOUGH” was the title.  But the story behind it was actually that this 9 month old cuteness can crawl.  So what does a photographer do? Puts her on some paper for some shots…. paper is slippery to a child’s bare feet.  It keeps them from moving too fast, which is a major plus for getting some images before a crawling child darts around the studio from one end to the other.  On the negative side, this precious little girl was so frustrated that she wasn’t able to crawl on the paper that after about 15 minutes of torture, she set her head down and gave up.  So sad that she wasn’t able to do it, about broke my heart.  But…. in the long run, we got some great images and she was up and happy after that. 

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