Having your newborn baby photographed: Q&A

The first few weeks of your new baby’s life are amazing and exhausting.  Because during the first few weeks your baby will change so quickly, it is important to capture those tiny little details: the fingers and toes, the wispy hair, the new skin… even the shape of the face & body will be dramatically different 2-3 weeks after birth.

New babies are one of my favorite beings to photograph, because the opportunity to document a new little person is one of the most inspiring things you can ever be a part of.


We would love to have you call us even before your child is born.  By calling ahead, we can note your due date and make sure to leave spaces available around the first couple weeks of your child’s birth.  But, we don’t ever expect that you will be exactly on time… so don’t worry!  We always try to leave enough spaces to get our newborn clients in, within 2 weeks of their birth for their session.


This is something that really depends on your child.  Typically 5-14 days old is the ideal time.  They curl up easily during this time, their skin is typically still has that creamy newborn look, and they sleep a little more deeply so that we can get those cute curled up shots, or in a bowl, bucket, or suspended shots that most of our clients love.   This is just a general rule.  Many times, especially with multiples, we wait a little longer…. but keep in touch with us and we can adjust the timing to get you the best images of your baby or babies.


Funky blankets, cute little hats… and while we always have some cute little things available at the studio – I always encourage you to bring your own unique blankets, hats or accessories in too.  Etsy has some amazing options as well, I tend to browse their handmade shops often. 🙂

On the not as cute side: Bring changes of clothing for you and your child.  As cute as some of those images are – there is always a chance of showers (or meatballs).  A few diapers, extra wipes are also in order most of the time.

If you have any images that you really wanted to get please to talk to us about them ahead of time so that we can be prepared for any specific images you are looking forward to.  While we can’t guarantee everyone those suspended baby shots, we will always work to get the images you are looking most forward to as much as each child allows us.


Newborn sessions typically take an hour and a half in our studio… this allows plenty of time for feeding, and getting them to sleep for any curled up shots.  Some sessions take less and some a little more, but it is a priority to get some key images – so if you plan out 2 hours of your time – we should be able to get some great shots for you.  We also offer sessions in your home – so if you feel it is too hard to get out of the house with your newborn(s) then please let us know – we are happy to make on-location appointments as well.

The most important thing is to relax… be patient during the session – if we take our time, we will get some great images of your new baby!


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