NEWBORN Casting Call – March 2012

I’m planning a newborn baby inspiration photo-shoot in March 2012.  I’m looking for 5 or 6 tiny newborns that will be around 6-8lbs during the last week in March this year.   Ideally we will have actually about 8-10 newborns on site for the shoot, and then work with those that are cooperating the best for the final inspiration image.  During the shoot I always try to take a few individual images as well, and each newborn that participates will receive a $50 print credit for compensation.

If you are due soon, please message me as soon as you can to let me know if you may be available… I photograph a lot of newborns, and know that dates are only approximate… but if you are due anytime in the next few weeks, I would love to get you on the list of potential little models.

Details and exact date are coming soon! 🙂

Thank you!!!


5 thoughts on “NEWBORN Casting Call – March 2012

  1. I wish I were in Colorado! Although I’m not sure my baby will be here by the end of March, I’m due April 4th. I was wondering though if you know the baby in that picture? I love her little bow and can’t find one like it anywhere!


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