I always chuckle a little when pro-photographers list their “gear.”  Not because I don’t respect all those amazing camera bodies, lens & lighting options – I can’t help but get giddy every time a new camera body or camera “stuff” comes out that I would love to buy. But… I’m a realist at heart.  So I was asked to list (by a fellow photographer) my “gear bag.” Instead of listing the biggest and the brightest that is available to me to use – which I always have plenty of options close by, I decided to list the ACTUAL “gear” in my camera bag right at the moment they asked.   You may totally understand – or you may laugh yourself… but I am a KISS kind of shooter in most cases.  MY FAVORITE THINGS ARE IN BOLD BELOW.

5D Body (backups on the shelves of course – I tend to use my older bodies when out and about… work them till their dead)

Expo disc

50mm 1.4

24-70mm 2.8


Calumet Light Bank 5ft

580EX flash (with off camera shoes & light stand – of which I probably won’t use, it is the “back-up” to natural light when I need it)

Silver Duct Tape (because duct tape fixes EVERYTHING)

2 yards of translucent white material

cotton scarf (use it to whip out at kids – always insures giggles)

A lazer pen

Wonka Slug Gummies for bribing

Breath mints

Ipad 2


That’s IT.  Nothing more… and 70% of my shoots are exactly this.  Besides…. carrying any more just gives you a back ache!lol

Happy shooting!

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