What’s next on the calendar for photography? April-June 2012

Upcoming “Special Days” to consider for a photo occasion!

Jeanine Thurston_Duffy

Fairy Tales....

Easter (Sunday – April 8th, 2012) – perfect time for frilly dresses or your little guy dressed in his best “duds.”  We will have the Little Ms Muffet set available for the entire month of March & April – and will be putting up samples of the shoot/set before the end of this month.

DONT FORGET MOTHER’S DAY!(Sunday – May 13th, 2012)!!  Yes I had to put this in capital letters because I’m a mom.  I don’t get in front of the camera often enough – and mother & child(ren) portraits are really the BEST!  We moms love our little ones and love photos to show how amazing our children are to us.

FATHER’S DAY(Sunday – June 17th, 2012).  I see father’s come into the studio all the time – and a portrait of the kids to give him on father’s day is extra special…. and make it fun maybe with some of dad’s favorite things in the photo session too!  Does’t have to be boring… let us help you customize your session to fit your personality!

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